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Hi, it’s great to see you here! As you know I have been working to update my ebook package and thought I’d give you an update.

Digital Photography Success is finished. I am just going over the final touches this week.

I am working on “Advanced Digital Photography” which will now be called “Advancing Your Digital Photography”.Once I have finished it, I’ll offer it to you for a very special price. Stay tuned on that :)

I am also working on a book about using Camera Raw, and an exercise eBook (practical exercises).

“Advancing Your Digital Photography” Table of contents, so far, looks something like this:


Table Of Contents:

 How Light Works In Photography

The science of light

Different frequencies of light

How does light change the way we think?

Light tells us many different things

The four important aspects of light

The Difference Between Light & Lighting

How Light is Transmitted and Reflected

How light is directed and diffused

Know your weather/ know your light

How objects absorb light

How reflections work and affect our photography

Specular and diffuse reflections

Measuring The Right Exposure

How To Get Correct Exposure

Metering To Get The Best Exposure

Incident Light

What a Light Meter looks like

Reflected Light

Reflected Light Meters

Cameras Only See Grey

How the camera measures reflected light using metering modes

Metering Modes

Dynamic Range

The Histogram



Window Light


Ideal methods for obtaining great light

Where to position your subject

Ways to create a beautiful window portrait


White Balance

What effects white balance?

Adjusting white balance for mixed lighting


F Stop Explained

Maximum Aperture of a Lens & Camera F Stop

The  Aperture Range Of Your Cameras Lens

The F Stop Scale


Depth of field

There’s Something About Aperture

Depth of field comparisons


Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is measured in time

Where to find shutter speed on your camera

Camera shake

Why we need to know about shutter speed

How shutter speed works inside your camera

Creating beautiful effects with shutter control



ISO scale chart

Using high ISO in low light


How To Use The Bulb Setting On Your Camera

Shutter Release Cable & The Bulb Setting

How to work out hand held shutter speed

When your lens changes the crop factor

Exposure Compensation

Exposure Bracketing


How ISO Works

ISO Explained

What Causes Noise

High ISO & Noise

Exposure Compensation Affects ISO Setting

Using The Flash

Inbuilt camera flash

Inbuilt flash units come with a variety of flash modes

Dedicated flash (external Flash)

Using the dedicated flash off your camera

Guide numbers

The problem with guide numbers

The movement of an external flash

Wide angle diffuser

Catch Light panel

Flash sync

Dedicated studio flash

Incandescent and fluorescent lighting

The master and slave

Flash exposure compensation

Flash exposure scale

Combining flash with ambient light

High Speed Flash Mode

Flash Exposure Bracketing (FEB)

Flash and white balance

Slow sync flash mode

The recycle time of your flash

High dynamic range

How HDR works

Cropped versus full frame


What Lens You Really Need

Which is the best lens?

There Are Only Two Types of Lenses

Other Types Of Lenses

Which lens?

How to Buy Camera Lenses

Fast & Slow Lenses

Wide Angle Digital Lenses For Photography

How To Know If You Are Getting The Real Deal

Choosing A Wide Angle Camera Lens

Can Your Traditional SLR Film Camera Lens Go Onto Your Digital SLR Camera

Understand ratio numbers on a lens


Looking after your camera

Weather and battery life

Cleaning your sensor

Format your cards after every shoot

How often should cards be formatted?

Memory cards and temperature


Copyright Protection

Protecting your images under copyright laws

Social Media and Copyright

Moral Rights

Selling your photos and copyrights

Terms and conditions and licensing agreements are contracts

Watermarking & Metadata Information

Social media and copyright protection

Taking photos in public


About the Author

Amy is an multi-award winning photographer from Australia. She teaches enthusiast photographers how to take beautiful, professional photos in easy, plain English. She has a monthly photography emagazine and ebooks to help you create stunning images every time.

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  1. Robin Tully says:

    Hi Amy
    i,m looking forward to your revised books and just wondering if you went ahead with your video coarse?
    All the best with everything.

    • Hi Robin,

      The ebooks are coming along nicely and the video will be started once they are completed and made available. Since you are a valued member I will be offering them to you for a special price. I’ll send out an update tonight. Thanks so much, it’s great to have you on board.

      Best wishes,

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