May 2016: Focus Ezine Competition Results

Winning Photo

Theme : Wavy


Lurline Slater


Photo by Lurline Slater

Canon 550D, F10, 20sec, ISO 100, 28mm, Manual

Judge’s Feedback:

Lurline has used a technique called “light painting” to create beautiful wavy lines. Against the large metal ball near Brisbane’s mall, this unique combination of light and metal sit together very nicely.
At a 20 second exposure we find this setting is ideal for the scene. Any less and it many have been underexposed, any more and we may have seen an over exposed image.
The wavy lines create a very surreal and almost science fiction feel to the image. We can see the painted light reflected in the metal ball and the ground which means the light was carefully executed.

A job well done. We both enjoyed the way you took the theme and transformed it into your own creative expression.

Great job!


Amy & Paul

P.S If you didn’t win, it’s not because we didn’t like your photo. Every photo on this page is a beauty. We love all of them. We want to extend a big “thank you” to everyone whose work is contributed each month. We are very proud of you.


Special Mention Entries:

(Simply click on a photo to enlarge and see camera data.)

Wow some great entries again this month, it was really hard to choose!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to submit your photos. You have done a great job. We have a limitation of one Winner and 8 finalists photos. This is due to the wonderful success and popularity of Focus Ezine and that we are now getting a large number of entries each month. If you don’t see yours here it’s not because we didn’t like it, it’s simply because of space limitations.



Please add your comments about any of these great photo efforts at the bottom of the page.


Next Month’s (June) Theme:

“Hills, Mountains, Rock Formations”

A theme to get you out doors again. To see what hilly, mountainous, rocky landscapes you live near… Good luck.


The closing date for entries is the:

25th of May 2016

Competition drawn and open for viewing on:

3rd June 2016

About the Author

Amy is an multi-award winning photographer from Australia. She teaches enthusiast photographers how to take beautiful, professional photos in easy, plain English. She has a monthly photography emagazine and ebooks to help you create stunning images every time.

Comments (4)

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  1. Ann Sorensen says:

    Wow! Fantastic photos everyone! for what I considered a fairly,tricky subject.

  2. Robert Bird says:

    This comp is getting tighter. The quality of recent months entries is fantastic. Last month blew my mind. Just how do you get close enough with enough time to ‘snap’ as you want with some bugs and insects. I usually use a 100mm macro lens for macro work though occasionally have used a compact.

    This month I wanted to get the pic I did but the weather wasn’t playing ball. I wanted blue sky to reflect the quality of the Gold Coast. I actually took one in cloud first and then waited; fortunately I got mainly blue sky. The difference was startling.

    Keep up the good work fellow competitors.

  3. Derek Stubbs says:

    I certainly agree with Ann. I did also like the striking colour of Ann’s.

    I was unable to submit anything for this one due to being away, however by the look of the examples shown, it didn’t matter.

  4. Tim Roberts says:

    The winner is a nice and very effective use of light painting. The technique is quite difficult to master I (and my photo-club students) have found, so well done on an excellent use of it.
    I’m also impressed by the other entries displayed. well done everyone.

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