June 2016: Focus Ezine Competition Results

Winning Photo

Theme : Hills, Mountains, Rock Formations


Rod Boothman

Rock shelf at Barrack Point, NSW

Photo by Rod Boothman

Nikon D810, F9, 1/50, ISO 100, Lens: Nikkor 18-35mm

Judge’s Feedback:

This photo is far more than what you think it is. It has depth, strong emotion and technically, it’s pretty close to perfect.

The thing that works so well about this photo is the placement of all the elements, this is what we call composition. If the composition in a photo doesn’t work, then the whole photo will not work. In the case of this photo, everything works.

Lets start with the horizontal lines. The lines are placed beautifully. They create an opportunity for our eyes to be gently lead into the background. One of the reasons is because the foreground rock formation is unencumbered. Nothing is in the way and nothing distracts us. Nothing in the foreground is incomplete. There is a relationship with every element in the photo. The foreground element makes the background element make sense. When this happens you get a powerful photo.

Congratulations Rod. A job very well done.


Amy & Paul

P.S If you didn’t win, it’s not because we didn’t like your photo. Every photo on this page is a beauty. We love all of them. We want to extend a big “thank you” to everyone whose work is contributed each month. We are very proud of you.


Special Mention Entries:

(Simply click on a photo to enlarge and see camera data.)

Some fantastic entries again this month, it was extremely hard to choose!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to submit your photos. You have done a great job. We have a limitation of one Winner and 8 finalists photos. This is due to the wonderful success and popularity of Focus Ezine and that we are now getting a large number of entries each month. If you don’t see yours here it’s not because we didn’t like it, it’s simply because of space limitations.



Please add your comments about any of these great photo efforts at the bottom of the page.


Next Month’s (July) Theme:

“A Nice Shade Of Brown”

Earthy browns, sandy browns, dark browns, objects, scenery, creatures, things!… Good luck.


The closing date for entries is the:

25th of June 2016

Competition drawn and open for viewing on:

3rd July 2016

About the Author

Amy is an multi-award winning photographer from Australia. She teaches enthusiast photographers how to take beautiful, professional photos in easy, plain English. She has a monthly photography emagazine and ebooks to help you create stunning images every time.

Comments (8)

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  1. Ann Sorensen says:

    Great pictures everyone, especially Rod’s. The clarity of the foreground rock platform is to die for Rod, & love the colours. Congratulations

  2. Ann Sorensen says:

    Good on you Derek.I think you are getting better & better.
    Love the shading on the hills & Mtns, & I am dying to know where you took it!

    • Derek Stubbs says:

      G’day Ann. Firstly I am not on social media, but happy for Amy or Paul to give you my email address.

      To answer your question the location while attending a wedding at Stoneridge Estate, near lake Hayes 2k nth of Queenstown NZ.

  3. Robert Bird says:

    Nice photos competitors. For those of us on the east coast of Australian our nice shade of brown has suffered a huge blow with the rain deluge this weekend. lol

    • Derek Stubbs says:

      We feel for you all over there Robert, hope it gets back to norm asap. Keep up your great photography.
      Cheers From SA

  4. Derek Stubbs says:

    Well certainly have to agree with Tim, the competion from others is getting stronger.
    I don’t envy Amy and Paul having to make a decission.
    It constantly amazes me that I even get near you folk.

    Great imaginations along with superb photography.

    Well done Rod.

    Cheers Derek.

  5. Derek Stubbs says:

    Looking back over the last few months, while all enteries are great, I do have to say Ann’s enteries always apeal to me. My taste I guess, just wish I could do as well.
    Cheers Derek.

    • Ann Sorensen says:

      Only just found your comment Derek, but thankyou for your kind words & for the whereabouts of your picture

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