February 2017: Focus Ezine Competition Results


Winning Photo

Theme : Bird On Water


Michel Poisson

Bird On Water

Photo by Michel Poisson

No camera details

Judge’s Feedback:

Sharp, clear, emotive….these were the three words that came to mind when I first had the opportunity to lay eyes on this wonderful photo.

Let’s look at shutter speed first. I wasn’t able to find any details about the photo but judging by the “frozen in time” effect, this image was shot at a very high shutter speed. If you don’t read the light accurately a fast shutter can lead to underexposed images. However Michael has interpreted the light correctly allowing for the ideal shutter speed to capture the bird in motion. This is why the photo works so well.

The detail of the flying bird is beautiful. You can see the water droplets hanging in the air, the detail of the feathers and the extra-ordinary glossy colour of the bird’s wings and head. And being suspended just above the water tells me the bird has either just taken off or just coming in to land. Either way the detail is sharp and beautiful.

There are so many positive things I can say about this photo but please, study it for yourself to learn and develop your photography.

Well done Michael. This is an outstanding photo.


Amy & Paul

P.S If you didn’t win, it’s not because we didn’t like your photo. Every photo on this page is a beauty. We love all of them. We want to extend a big “thank you” to everyone whose work is contributed each month. We are very proud of you.


Special Mention Entries:

(Simply click on a photo to enlarge and see camera data.)

Fabulous entries this month, very hard to choose, well done!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to submit your photos. You have done a great job. We have a limitation of one Winner and 8 finalists photos. If you don’t see yours here it’s not because we didn’t like it, it’s simply because of space limitations.



Please add your comments about any of these great photo efforts at the bottom of the page.


Next Month’s (March) Theme is:

“Your Favourite Photo, and why”

Send in your favourite photo, no matter what category, but importantly a quick explanation why it is your favourite.

Please be aware this will be the final comp for some time, as we are putting the monthly photo comp on hold for a time.


The closing date for entries is the:

27th of February 2017

Final Competition drawn and open for viewing on:

3rd March 2017

About the Author

Amy is an multi-award winning photographer from Australia. She teaches enthusiast photographers how to take beautiful, professional photos in easy, plain English. She has a monthly photography emagazine and ebooks to help you create stunning images every time.

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  1. Derek Stubbs says:

    Firstly what superb shots. Obviously in the right place at the right time. Shows you should always have your camera and your patients with you.

    Secondly, I am sorry to hear the comps will be put on hold.
    It does make me get out and shoot, with a challenge.
    I can appreciate the time it must take, and you Amy and Paul must have lots of other things to take up your time.

    I thank you both for your committment to us all in what you share. I wish you well, and hope the comp returns when you get more time.

    I look forward to at least reading the monthly mag.
    Best Wishes,
    Derek Stubbs. kingswood SA

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