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Digital photography has made leaps and bounds in the last decade. Not only have digital cameras been able to gain momentum and become comparable to film cameras, but now digital cameras have the capability to create movies. As a photographer I was dubious. I didn’t believe they had the capability to produce good quality moving images. A digital camera as a movie camera? No way, I adamantly believed. Until two days ago…..

I was sent a YouTube video of a movie created by the Lumix GH3, shown by Panasonic just to check out. I watched the film and truly forgot it was created by a digital camera. The quality is amazing. The camera is able to capture lighting and detail extraordinary well. I was extremely impressed. It performs and behaves like a movie camera.

The camera itself is smooth and easy to use. Panasonic have done themselves proud. With a beautiful set of highly capable functioning features, this camera puts other movie cameras to shame. Hand held movie cameras are a thing of the past, thanks to this camera. If you want a movie camera, then this is the only one you will ever need.

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“A new film released by Panasonic shows off the capabilities of the new Lumix GH3, the successor to the ever popular DMC-GH2. The short film, entitled Hertz, tells a tale of greed under mysterious circumstances and features accomplished actor Toby Kebbell (Black Mirror, Rock N Rolla). With no dialogue to speak of, the film focuses closely on the struggle and escape of the unnamed imprisoned protagonist.

The film really shows off the excellent contrast, low light shooting and close-ups of the GH3. It’s compact design is also a valuable asset in filming in such a tight space, something the crew certainly appreciated in the making of film (You can see the behind the scenes material here: ). It’s also the first camera in the GH range to feature 1080/50p video shooting, enabling full 50 frames per second shooting in high definition.

Hertz is directed by Vicky Lawton and is the first in a series of 3 GH3-Minute Movies, designed to show off the GH3′s full capabilities as a professional film camera.”


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