How to Watermark Your Photos

As a photographer, how do you protect your photos? One of the best ways is to watermark your photo.  In this article I will be discussing how to watermark your photos. By learning how to add a watermark to your photos will give you better protection from intellectual copyright theft.  Let’s examine how to put a text watermark on your photo.

Doing photography is a wonderful artistic pursuit. It provides us with an artistic outlet to express out creativity. It can provide years and years of fun and learning. I found this myself. I experienced a lot of fun and decided to start sharing my photos online. It was great until someone had ripped my photo off a webpage and used it on their web page.

This action of downloading, copying and reproducing others photos is an illegal act and one that is punishable in a court of law. Yes, that’s right, punishable by law. This is great news for photographers; professional or otherwise.

How can we protect our photos from being stolen? The fact is you can’t. You can, however, do everything to protect yourself. There are three options you have available to you. The first is to never place any photos online. If you use social media and do photography on a regular basis, this might be an unrealistic option.

The second option you have available to you is to place your photos on a website and right-click-disable the photo. What this means is that anytime someone right clicks on your photo with the intention of downloading it, they can’t. The right click function does not work on the page and they can’t proceed. That is the best option I find.

The third option you have is to put a watermark on your photos. This is a universal option. This means that no matter where you have your photo it will have a digital watermark on it and limit the chance of your photo being stolen.

So let’s look at how to watermark your images in Photoshop.  Let’s look at the text option first.

  1. First, open your photo in Photoshop.
How to watermark your images

How to watermark your images


  1. Click on the “T” tool to the left hand side panel.
  2. Place the curser inside the area of the photo where you want to display your name.



Put a watermark on your photos

Put a watermark on your photos


  1. To increase font, change font colour and style, change these things on the top menu bar
  2. To move the text box around, click anywhere in the photo and wait for the curser to change to an arrow. You will be able to pick up the box and move it.


How to watermark an image

How to watermark an image

  1. Once you have changed the size, positioned the box where you want it, then simply click on the curser tool to the top left hand side of the panel.

Watermarking photographs is very important because they are your intellectual property. They represent your abilities and your work.  Happy shooting!

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Amy is an multi-award winning photographer from Australia. She teaches enthusiast photographers how to take beautiful, professional photos in easy, plain English. She has a monthly photography emagazine and ebooks to help you create stunning images every time.

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  1. Timothy Costello says:

    I was wondering how to do this, thanks Amy!

  2. harri says:

    Thanks for taking the time to help us with our photography.

  3. manni says:

    I want to thank you for keeping everything simple.

  4. Julia says:

    I was wondering if you can do this with a small camera.

  5. Grace says:

    Thanks for some awesome articles and videos Amy. I am a huge fan of your ebooks and ezine. I signed up through David Peterson (who is awesome as well) and love everything you do.

  6. Reni says:

    great stuff.

  7. Wendi says:

    Thanks Amy, I was looking for this info and found it here. I also bought your ezine and love it! I’ve been learning more and more.

  8. Mary says:

    Thanks Amy,. I was wondering how to watermark my photos.

  9. Laura says:

    Thanks Amy, I was wondering how to do this. I was very curious as to how I was gonna keep my work from being stolen and someone else reping the benifits of my work and talents. That happened to me before but I really cant do anything about it. But I was furious that someone else made money on my image. But by the same token I was flattered that someone thought my work was that good or at least that picture. It kinda encouraged me to pursue photographer more seriously. This was a much needed topic to discuss.

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