Taking Good Digital Photos

Taking Good Digital Photos

I’m a professional photographer, but I never used to be. At one stage in my past I was just like you- I struggled to get good photos on my every day point and shoot digital camera. Taking good digital photos is not hard when you know how. It’s a matter of being in command of the camera and knowing what to shoot and when to shoot it. Let’s look at these 7 tips to taking good digital photos.

Taking Good Digital Photos – tip number 1

Always remember to photograph things when the light is evenly spread across the scene. With standard point and shoot digital cameras, it is a challenge to control the lighting sometimes. Before you begin taking good digital photos first look at how the light looks on your scene. Are there very bright areas in your photo? This over exposure (over exposure just means “too much light” to the camera) will sometimes cause too lighting problems with your image.

The camera will only see 50% of what the human eye does, so it is important to begin taking good digital photos with this in mind. Any bright spots (especially on a sunny day) can cause that area to look bright white without any distinct detail. When you begin taking good digital photos it’s important to always look for these potential bright spots.

Taking good digital photos-tip number 2

As the camera see’s only 50% of the light that you do, the same problems can occur with darker areas too. When the light is dim, or there are dark areas on the scene, your point and shoot digital camera may not understand how to interpret this into a photo. Instead it just makes it very dark or black. This can lose detail and cause some problems.

When you begin taking good digital photos for the first time, it means that you will choose to take a photo when there are not overly bright areas and no very dark areas- especially together. When this happens, your browns become black, your light pinks become white and you end up getting that chess board effect. (Lighter colours turn to black and white).

Taking good digital photos- tip number 3

Always aim to photograph your scene when the light is evenly balanced across your photo. Look for times when you have cloudy days, still with plenty of light, so you don’t get the chess board effect caused by the bright sun and shadows from the bright sun.

Taking good digital photos- tip number 4

Taking good digital photos as opposed to ordinary photos depends on your ability to work with all types of lighting, especially to be able to balance the light. When the sun creates harsh shadows and too much brightness in the lighter areas, then the best way to even the light up is to make the scene all bright or all dark. You can do this easily by using the flash on the darker areas. This technique is called “flash fill”. This simply means you put light on the darker areas to even up the light.  When you begin taking good digital photos, you’ll see how much this improves your photography.

Taking good digital photos- tip number 5

When I first started taking good digital photos it was because I was able to not only balance the light, but to compose my photo the right way too. Just like light, the objects in your photo need to be placed in certain spots to avoid over cluttering and irrelevancy.

It’s much better to photograph one or two main things in your photo and have nothing in the background that is irrelevant to what you are photographing. When you notice that you keep your photos simple, you will notice a great improvement.  Taking good digital photos very much depends on this simplicity for our eyes to process only one “story” of the photo as possible.

Taking good digital photos- tip number 6

Taking good digital photos depends not only on lighting and how you place and include things in your photo, but notice shape is important as well. You will notice that people look much better when the photo is vertical, than horizontal. Why is this? Well, when the photographer follows the natural lines, shape and direction of the object they are photographing, we get to see a lot more of the story of the photo. We have chance to really get a good idea of what the story is all about. We don’t have to struggle to try and work out what the photo is all about. It keeps your viewers interested.

Taking good digital photos- tip number 7

When you begin taking good digital photos for the first time, it will probably be loads of fun. And that’s what photography is all about- having fun! When you are not seeking to do it professionally, you can keep your sense of childlike enthusiasm for your photography. This brings relaxation and allows photography to be a nurturing activity that can fulfill and uplift you.

To summarise, just remember to watch your light, compose your photo well, and turn the camera to match the same shape and direction as the subject. You can be taking good digital photos in no time with these tips. And don’t forget that taking good digital photos also depends on your ability to enjoy and have fun!

About the Author

Amy is an multi-award winning photographer from Australia. She teaches enthusiast photographers how to take beautiful, professional photos in easy, plain English. She has a monthly photography emagazine and ebooks to help you create stunning images every time.

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  1. Penni says:

    Thanks so much Amy! I am a newbie and have been doing photography for about a year now. I love your suggestion of turning the camera vertically when you photograph people. Thanks very much for a great website.

  2. Gary says:

    Great article Amy, keep up the great work. Thanks. Gaz.

  3. Jackson says:

    Thanks Amy, love your tips! Love your ebooks as well, they really transformed my pictures.

  4. GD says:

    Taking great pictures with a digital camera is not a small feat. Of course, everyone knows to take pictures and knows how to handle a camera, however there is a difference between taking pictures, and taking great pictures.

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