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Professional Food Photography Tips

Professional Food Photography Tips

Food photography is a lot harder than it seems. Not only do we have to work to get the right composition but we also have to get the lighting right too. Once these elements are combined, we then need to style the food in order to make it appealing. Food styling is always done by […]


Finding Yourself Through Photography

Many of us who launch ourselves into photography not only hear the call of artistry, but find ourselves enchanted by the promise of self improvement. Photography makes us feel better, think better, and most importantly, it gives us the opportunity for self improvement and growth. Not only do we find ourselves striving to be better […]

Rule Of Thirds - Perfect Composition In Your Digital Photography

Rule Of Thirds – Perfect Composition In Your Digital Photography

Photo by Josep Altarriba In digital photography you’ll find that the 3 main components that make up the success of your images hinge on each other. What I mean by this is that 1. Light 2. Technical knowledge 3. Composition all depend on each other closely to make up a beautiful digital photograph. It sounds […]