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Photographing Butterflies

Have you ever wanted to start photographing butterflies? In this article I’m going to show you how to photograph butterlfies successfully and quickly, whilst maintaining sharp focus and excellent depth of field.With these powerful tips for photographing butterflies you’ll be able to discover how you too can get beautiful butterfly photos. Butterflies are very sweet […]

Fall Photography Secrets

Fall Photography Secrets

Digital Photography and autumn (Fall) sometimes feel as if they’re made for each other. Autumn is nature’s clever way of providing us with a festival of colour. It’s a digital photography dream to capture to magnificent colours of the trees at this time. The blood red, the warm, vibrant yellows and the bright greens create […]

How To Photograph Moving Water

How To Photograph Moving Water

The gentle babble of a brook, the roaring of a river, the rolling waves at the beach and the pitter patter of a rain shower are all usually inspiring or soothing sounds. Photographs of moving water are also quite remarkable and popular, but there are a few important techniques and approaches that must be used when attempting the photographing of moving water…